My Rule 34 Animation Catalog So Far

2015-05-03 04:11:30 by Freakorama1

"A Taste of Turtle Power"

Made as the finisher to an entire month of drawing nothing but April O'Neil.
I sifted through about 30 episodes trying to find isolated clips of character breathing.
Boy what fun!

"Losing a Pokemon Battle"

My attempt at a much longer fully fleshed out rule 34 animation with original voice acting.
(For the sex secenes at least.)

"Ellie's 18th Birthday"
My first ever rule 34 animation with audio.
Pretty short because it was one of the first animations I ever made in Anime Studio, but an okay start.

Look forward to more rule 34 animations coming over the year, including characters such as/from:

  • Pokemon
  • Zone-Tan
  • My own mascot chracter, Kaitlyn
  • Futurama

Feel free to suggest more characters you'd like to see animated.